Flight Studies

Taking a break from putting together the piece for the Kingsbrae Garden. Here are some snaps of the development of the series. The initial sketch was sleek and simple. I tried several approaches but was dissatisfied with how the material was moving or my lack of hammer control or tooling. At a future date, I’ll need to build some forms . . . → Read More: Flight Studies

L’Agnelage 2018 / Lambing 2018

Lambing season started earlier than expected this year. The first event was not a birth but a pregnancy related injury – a prepubic tendon rupture in one of the yearlings. Also known as a belly hernia, this is a major problem for both the mother and the babies with no clear best practices for treatment. The mother can’t deliver unassisted. . . . → Read More: L’Agnelage 2018 / Lambing 2018