2020 Midpoint

Suddenly I look up and we’re more than halfway through the year. Seems like a lifetime ago that I traveled south to visit friends and family. Certainly things will never be the same. I’m thinking a bit of that old time tune – Take Me Home (to the Sweet Sunny South) It’s been part of the repertoire forever but now it’s taken on a whole new poignancy.

I’ve been fortunate to qualify for CERB funds through this time with shows cancelled and shops closed. Thank you Canada. We’re in a lull in infection rates right now so perhaps there will be time to travel to St. Andrews NB to pick up a sculpture that’s been stranded over there since the March shutdown. Meanwhile, I’ve been focused on home work – renos, shop improvements, new designs for future work. There will be a show in Annapolis this fall of some of my new pieces and hopefully I’ll finish a piece in time for consideration for the Craft Nova Scotia members’ show later in the year.

Stay safe and keep strong.

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