Farewell Whisper Daddy

Have been working all year on a laneway gate for a home outside of Halifax. It’s about two weeks away from being ready to take to the galvanzer (I hope). During the process, my old forge finally kicked the bucket. Anticipating it’s demise, I started making a new forge body and putting together the Z burners I’d bought about 3 years ago.

Here’s a picture of the old one:

Old Forge
Back end of the old Whisper Daddy forge.

That fine Nova Scotian phrase – “The arse has gone out of her” comes to mind. Made for an easier time forging the wide ends of the wind elements in my gate though.

Here’s the new one, made from a propane tank:

New forge, 2019
New forge w 2 Z burners tuned & mounted

The doors are a little wanky but they work better than bricks and can be raised and / or pivoted outward. I have a choke to add but was missing a few fittings and needed to get going.

I’ve run it enough to cure the refractory lining. Will be using it to make 35 or so leaf forms for the current project. I expect to further adjust it as I go.

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