Flight Studies

Taking a break from putting together the piece for the Kingsbrae Garden. Here are some snaps of the development of the series. The initial sketch was sleek and simple. I tried several approaches but was dissatisfied with how the material was moving or my lack of hammer control or tooling. At a future date, I’ll need to build some forms to sink sheet metal to create the hotdog body shape. Ended up working with scalene triangles to create the bird body (and the wings for the pieces pictured). There are lots of alternate ways the triangles can be assembled. In fact I’m planning a mobile based on that idea.

The first finished piece is a bit rougher than the sketch, but more powerful and predatory. It’s behind the Lakeside Retreat Hall at White Point. I’m very pleased with it’s impact and the setting is way cool. Installing was a bitch, though. Learned a lot about shaping on site and drilling holes into granite boulders while straddling atop said rock.

several “failed” approaches.

Scalene triangles rock!

wings clamped on, preparing to drill holes in body.

tail feathers wings

2 of 3 legs, primed

Flight Study: Ternish May 3rd 2018, w artist Alexa Jaffurs. photo by Franz Fraitzl

And here are some snaps of the piece installed at the Kingsbrae Garden in St. Andrews, NB. This one turned out to be more pheasant-ish, not unlike the families that come strolling past the shop when they think no one’s about.

Pheasantish in the pasture.

Pheasantish installed at the Kingsbrae Garden, St. Andrews, NB.

Pheasantish. Fly away into the sunset and all….

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  • Franz Fraitzl

    Hello Alexa, was happy to help. I appreciate your mentioning me taking your picture.
    Just putting two and two together in regards of Kingsbrae Garden. What a small world we live in.

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