Lightfoot & Wolfville Winery Fire Screen

61/5000 La cheminée au vignoble Lightfoot & Wolfville. vue grand angle

Lightfoot & Wolfville Winery chimney with fire screen, wide angle view

58/5000 vignoble Lightfoot & Wolfville. pare-étincelles vue de face

Lightfoot & Wolfville Winery firescreen, front view

This screen was installed with the ampersand handle in time for the Ice Wine celebration at Lightfoot & Wolfville Winery The rough opening of the fireplace was approximately 57″ x 54″. The mason who built that beautiful fieldstone chimney left some live edges that required a bit of fiddle to get the frame properly anchored.

Poignée d'esperluette

L&W firescreen detail: Ampersand Handle. 3/16 plate shaped and chiseled

Two doors with design elements from the client’s label – Mayflower, Thistle, Fleur de Lis, and a Grape leaf at the corners are attached by (ahem) butterfly hinges. Although the fireplace is in a roofed pavilion, it is outside overlooking the Minas Basin. Stainless steel mesh was the preferred choice. I was able to source it from a Canadian company – Ferrier Wire Goods. They generously answered my questions and filled my little order promptly.

Fleur de mai et charnière de papillon

L&W firescreen detail May flower & butterfly hinge

feuille de vigne, 8 pouces, acier doux

L&W firescreen detail: Grape Leaf detail. 8″ mild steel

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