Studio Rally, progress report

Saturday was a quiet day, except for the campers heading down to Port George for the Country Music Jamboree. The gardens and the sheep are looking healthy and happy. We installed the new sculpture at the back of the rusty garden. It looks great waving in the wind.

rusty stag sculpture in garden

rusty stag sculpture

It was a bit too hot for lighting the forge so I spent much of the day fabricating. Mostly I drilled holes, lots of small holes for an oversized kenzan.

Today, more of the same, except the campers are heading up the road, away from the campground. Too hot to forge so it’s holes until my final 5/64 bit croaks and then work on a mailbox holder to replace the one that disappeared last week. I wonder where it went. Otherwise, I’ll be in the garden picking cherries.

We will be closing shop promptly at 4pm today, so plan accordingly.


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