More about Sisters In Steel Schedule

I’m hard at work putting together my visual CV.  Dug up a few blasts from the pasts.  I even found the drawing of Tom Staley at his anvil in the Melrose forge.   An unexpected challenge for my afternoon talk – how does one show off the basic blacksmithing moves and keep it interesting?

Anyway, here’s the Blacksmithing schedule.   You can get more details at the Kings Theatre event site.

Sisters in Steel Programme

9:55am  –      Opening Procession starts outside, ends inside Kings Theatre. Valerie Davis, as Towne Crier.

10 – 12:30     Opening, Introductory Remarks.

……10 – 15 minute slide show of work by Barbara Schmeisser

……10 – 15 minute slide show of work by Alexa Jaffurs

……10 – 15 minute slide show of work by Becky Little

Questions from audience, moderator, and artists about experiences and issues regarding blacksmithing.

All three take up stations outside for forging demo that transitions into learning / hands on experience for interested onlookers.

[Lunch break for artists]

12:30  –  5      Outside  Hammer-In:  teaching workstations  ongoing with one or two of the women on hand plus other MBA members.

1:30 – 5         Inside

-Refreshments in lobby.

-Display of work

-Slide shows:

……1:30 Barb – “From Thin Air to Solid Steel : Creating the Naval Centennial Memorial“

……2:30 Alexa- “Bent and Squashed, Stretched and Twisted : the things we do to steel.

……3:30 Becky- “Invent Make and Use the Tools that Move Metal”

5:00              Official closing Thank participants, Break down stations

[Dinner break]

7:30 – 9:30            Concert at the Theatre

……Ann Fearon, Karen Robinson, Mell Ferrimond.

……Alys Howe on Celtic and Classical Harp

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