Standards Assessment

This is the last full week before the Standards Assessment Committee meeting of the Nova Scotia Designer Crafts Council.  It’s time to review the pieces on hand –  both the items set aside  and the things that are almost done – and pick  six that best represent my style.    The past year and a half have been very expansive, having tried my hand at a variety of new endeavors. It’s hard to settle on what says “Alexa made me” from the midst of so much new.  The trivets have been my darlings, so two of them are in the works.   I’ve also revived the animal hooks and they are as expressive as ever, so there’s another line of work.  Dare  I show them the music stand?  The item that looks sort of Picasso-ish with its front-on swirls of curls and eyes and its sideways nose not to mention the lips made from some old manure wagon chain.  It represents more of my drawing with metal but it’s a bit awkward in that newly born way.  And what about the obelisks?  Can’t really see myself driving into Halifax with an eight foot teepee thing sticking out the back of the truck and dropping it off at the office.  Then again, it might be kind of fun.

It’s also time to polish the web site, update the CV and fill out the paperwork for each item presented.  Wish me luck.  I’ll be happy when the stuff is out of here and I can go back to working on the commissions that are calling to be completed.

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