Care & Maintenance

Almost every piece from my shop has been heated to  forging temperature and shaped on the anvil.  Hammer blows give a meaningful texture to the metal that flat black paint obscures.

obelisk surface texture

surface detail – texture created by ball peen hammer

Unless specifically requested by a client, my work is finished with clear exterior lacquer and waxed or simply brushed with linseed oil and baked.  Baked oil or lacquer & wax  resist rust better than most paint jobs and show off the patina of hand wrought metal.  The finish can be refreshed by wiping with a lightly oiled cloth from time to time.

If a piece is in a room where extremes of temperature are common, water vapor will condense on the cold metal in the warm-up phase of the cycle.  Items exposed to rapid temperature shifts or extremes benefit from an annual wipe down with a bit of furniture polish (car wax or mink oil will also do the trick).

Most of my exterior sculptures are untreated.  Rust is a natural colour that works well in a garden setting.  Where rust is not desirable, other exterior finish options are available.